Jana as youngest participant at the Swiss Championship 2022 in Altbüron


Our dog training is based on HEAD (mind), HEART (feeling) and HAND (doing).

With over 25 years of experience in the field of dog training, it is important to me to let the dog be in its origin and essence. This means leading lovingly, consistently and uncompromisingly. The dog handler learns to use the body language and voice correctly, so that his four-legged friend understands the commands and can show the desired behavior.

The result is an interplay between man and dog that can be called magical.

Once you have experienced this magical interplay, you want to deepen it further and further.

Monika Rutschmann-Bodmer

Dog training

The Hundetherapie und -schule Bodmer trains dogs and dog handlers in different categories.

Sport dogs

Sport dog training in different classes, BH-VT / IBGH / BH / IGP / VPG


Sport Dogs – Weekend

Seminars for sport dog handlers

Protection service in a different way

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dog training according to the philosophy of Monika Rutschmann-Bodmer

Visits with the therapy dogs

Children’s homes, traumatized, sick, cerebral paralyzed and other children with special needs (with association ABRI)

Lighthouse (with association ABRI)

Retirement homes

Family Dogs

Puppy training, young dog and education courses

Family Dog Training

Problems with the dog – cause clarification in all categories

SLOMO Senior Group

Insights into our training

This training is not only for the dog. It is a holistic education between humans and animals.

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