Dog test SKBS OG Solothurn, April 27, 2024

Dog test in beautiful weather in the alps. We thank the SKBS OG Solothurn for their hospitality. We congratulate everyone from the Hundesportverein ABRI on the qualification results for the Swiss Championship in Mollis and the ranks in IBGH 3: Lilian for 1st place, Andrea 3rd & 4th place, Fiammetta 5th place and Gabi for 6th place.

Dog test Alpstein, April 6, 2024

This time we went to beautiful Appenzell with our four-legged friends.
At the dog park in Alpstein, our 4 starter teams gave their all and we congratulate Lilian on the 1st place, Gabi with her 2 dogs on the 2nd place in IBGH1 and the 3rd place in IBGH3, Fiammetta on the 5th place and Finja on the 6th place .

Dog sports exam KV Grenchen from 24.3.2024

In windy weather, we opened the 2024 exam season with 10 teams from the ABRI dog sports club and started in Grenchen.
We congratulate Lilian on 2nd place, Finja on 4th place, Andrea on 5th place and all other teams on passing the exam.
Lilian and Finja have already qualified for the Swiss Championships of all breeds. Go HSV ABRI!

Annual examination of the Swiss
Police Dog Handlers Association

The Hundetherapie und -schule Bodmer has shown me a completely new path and teaches me again and again how to understand my service dog and how to grow together with her into a harmonizing and strong team. Since I started training at the Hundetherapie und -schule Bodmer, I have learned a lot about myself, including being with my dog ​​with passion and joy and always mastering new challenges with her.
The path and philosophy of the Hundetherapie und -schule Bodmer are anything but ordinary – they are an experience of a lifetime and – if you are ready for it – will take you to great heights.

The two youngest participants
the Swiss Championship

The two youngest participants of the Swiss Championship: Jana in 2022 and now Finja in 2023. The two sisters were pleased that Finja was also allowed to participate in the Swiss championship with her dog Eda. This is not self-evident.

Swiss Championship 2023

The dog handlers throttled, despite the wind, rain and cold … it was not easy for everyone. We congratulate all dog handlers on qualifying and participating in the Swiss Championship.

We congratulate our 7 teams from the dog sports club ABRI on passing the exam. We are now enjoying the Christmas season with families and our four-legged friends and look forward to starting again in the new year.

Dog sports exam in Obersteckholz from 5.11.2024

In storms and rain, the dog sports club ABRI was happy to carry out the test.

It was great, thank you.

Dog sports exam in Grenchen from 22.10.2024

In beautiful autumn weather, 6 teams from the ABRI dog sports club started at the dog test in Grenchen.
We warmly congratulate you on the great results.
IBGH 1, Miriam passed (in rank)
IBGH 2, Andrea passed (in rank)
IBGH 3: Gabi 2nd place, Roger 3rd place, Lilian 4th place, Fiammetta 6th place

Dog sports exam in SC OG Thun from 20.10.2024

This time the trip to Thun was in a team of three. No weather is too bad or too good, no route is too long or too short, the ABRI dog sports club is there with its two- and four-legged friends. 😊
We warmly congratulate: IBGH 3, Lilian on 2nd place, Fiammetta on 3rd place and Finja on 4th place.

Dog sports exam in SC OG Winterthur from 15.10.2024

With a lot of joy and 6 teams we went to Winterthur. The fans from the ABRI dog sports club were also present in large numbers. 😊
We congratulate on the results in IBGH 3: Finja on 1st place, Lilian and Fiammetta on 2nd place, Roger on 5th place, Monika Thoma on 7th place and Aline on 8th place.

Dog sports exam in SC OG Klingnau from 3.9.2024

The dog sports club ABRI started in Klingnau with 9 teams. Not only the atmosphere, but also the weather was beautiful. The teams placed at the top of all IBGH exams.
IBGH 1: Corinne 1st place, Gabriela 2nd place, Miriam 3rd place
IBGH 2: Finja 1st place, Andrea 2nd place, Lilian 3rd place.
IBGH 3: Gabi 1st place, Monika Thoma 2nd place, Fiammetta 3rd place.
We warmly congratulate you on your great performance.

Qualification for the
Swiss Championship in Lotzwil

Trained diligently, qualified for the “Swizzy”… 😊💪
We congratulate these three teams from the bottom of our hearts for their qualification for the Swiss Championship in Lotzwil from 10 to 12 November 2023.
The fanclub is already in the starting blocks. 😎🙌

Dog sport test SKG Section a l’En, St. Moritz from 11.-12.8.2023

A beautiful week-end in St. Moritz, we thank the SKG Section a l’En for the hospitality.

BH-VT test

Initial test passed! We congratulate you!

IBGH1 test

We congratulate Finja on the 1st place with 96 points and Lilian on the 2nd place with 86 points. Well done!

IBGH2 test

And on the next day they continued in IBGH2, with Finja on the 1st place with 93 points, Andrea on the 2nd place with 85 points and Lilian on the 3rd place with 81 points. The whole team congratulates you warmly on these great results!

IBGH3 test

And these teams started successfully in IBGH3. Congratulations Andrea, Gabi, Fiammetta & Toni! Gabi and Öski have even qualified for the Swiss Championship. We are proud of you!

Hundeprüfung  SC Emmen from 24.6.23

A successful dog test in Emmen.
We congratulate the participants of the IBGH1 exam, Finja on the 1st Place, Lilian for the 2nd Place, Gabriela for the 4th Place.
And in the IBGH3 exam, Gabi to the 1st Place, Roger for the 2nd Place, Fiammetta for the 3rd. Place, Eva for the 5th Place and Toni for the 6th. Place.
We thank SC OG Emmen for the hospitality.

Dog test KV Innerschweiz from 18.6.2023

Congratulations to all for passing the IBGH exams.We congratulate Finja on the first IBGH1 examination and the 1st Place, Like Andrea for the 2nd and Lilian for the 3rd Place in the IBGH1 exam, Aline for the 3rd Place in the IBGH2 and Andrea, Gabi, Eva, Fiammetta and Toni for the passed IBGH3 exam. And Eva has qualified for the Swiss championship. We are looking forward to it.

We thank KV Innerschwyz for the hospitality.

Dog test SC OG Rothrist from 11.6.2023

Congratulations to all for the exams in Rothrist. We congratulate Eva (IBGH3) and Gabriela on the 2nd Place (IBGH1). Finja was the youngest participant at the age of 12 to pass the BHVT with her dog Eda, and the two will soon start in the IBGH1. We thank SC OG Rothrist for the hospitality and the hiking cup for most participants.

Application test for the anaesthetic detection dog

“I congratulate my student and the Häxli from the bottom of my heart”

Dog test KV Huttwil from 15.4.2023

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate all my students for passing the exams.

IBGH1, 1. rank Roger, 2. rank Fiammetta

IBGH3, 1. rank Eva, 2. rank Toni, 3. rank Andrea

Dog test SC OG Rothrist from 2.4.2023

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate all my students for passing the exams.

IBGH1, 1. rank Roger Hägler, 3. rank Fiammetta Troxler
IBGH2, 2. rank Gabi Übersax
IBGH3, divided 5. rank Toni Sauter, Andrea Feurer

Youngest participant in the
Swiss Championship 2022

At the age of only 13, Jana started this year as the youngest participant in the Dog Sports Swiss Championship. We sincerely congratulate Jana on this great success! Simply ingeniously done, Jana.

We warmly congratulate Andrea Feurer on her qualification and participation in this year’s Swiss Championship 2022 in Altbüron.

Dog test of the dog sports club ABRI
Upper plug-in wood from 9.10.2022

Thanks to all participants and see you soon!