Visit to the Therapy Dog

Visiting Schloss Regensberg

In proper April weather, we spent another afternoon with our therapy dogs with the children and young people from Stiftung Schloss Regensberg.

With a “round-the-castle” course with jumps, tunnels and various slaloms, there was a lot going on and the snow and rain were soon forgotten.

We could see the joy in many eyes and some kids didn’t want to stop. Always touching moments for the whole team…


Visit to the Sonnhalde nursing home

We visited the SONNHALDE nursing home with 14 dogs and 12 dog handlers. It was magical. Thank you for having us.

«Dear ABRI team & 4-legged friends, I am sending you a few sentences regarding the desired feedback:

  • shiny eyes, smiling faces
  • carefree moments for people who have to carry a heavy backpack
  • open encounters between humans and animals
  • a chance for introverted residents to open their hearts and allow encounters
  • Acceptance & naturalness in dealing with residents who are different (a value-free environment)
  • cheerful stories from residents about what these dogs can do & how well trained they are :-)

Your visit left us with all this and much more. All that remains for me to say is that your commitment was an invaluable asset to our house. I hope you come and visit us again! The waiting list is growing :-)

Thank you very much

Maggie Graf, Deputy Head of Activation / Training Responsibility for HF Activation

Visit to child psychiatry Männedorf

Gabi with Oski:

The shining children’s eyes say more than many words. Oski and I are grateful that we were able to be part of child psychiatry and look forward to giving the children such a moment again on their next visit.”

Toni with Lupo:

“I was allowed to be there together with Lupo during the visit to the children’s psychiatry Männedorf. I was very excited to see what awaits us there. Already on our arrival, the anticipation of the children, who were just at the break place during the break, was noticeable and audible. With the start of our screening, however, it became quiet and the children watched us eagerly.

When the children were allowed to choose a dog with a handler, I was immediately selected by a boy who loves Labradors. He immediately started and went over the hurdles together with Lupo. In the hide-and-seek game of the dog toy, both the boy and Lupo really got going and spurted each other to better hiding or better searching.

I was particularly impressed by the children’s willingness to try something new and to get involved in a new situation in such a short time. I am already looking forward to the next visit and am again curious who or what awaits us.”

Nicole with Namida:

Yesterday’s visit to the children’s psychiatry Männedorf with our therapy dogs from the dog therapy and guilt Bodmer was once again totally impressive for me. It fascinates and touches me very much how the most diverse dogs with their unique characters conjured away the children and young people in the short time of our visit with their sometimes initial fear in no time and left a radiance in the eyes and a smile on the lips. Hopefully this radiance and smile will last for a long time and will remind us all of these moving moments in Männedorf much later.

Heartfelt thanks to Monika Bodmer from the Bodmer dog therapy and school that my Mali dog Namida and I were allowed to be there.”

Dog visit at the nursing home Sonnweid

In splendid summer weather and with the musical accompaniment of four hand organists, we visited the nursing home Sonnweid with our therapy dogs. 116 people came and were happy about the animal visit.
We say THANK YOU for the touching afternoon and look forward to visiting you again soon.

Visit child psychiatry Männedorf

A big THANK YOU to our four-legged friends. It cannot be described with words. We are grateful that you accompany us.

There was a lot going on in the break area of the Brüschhalde child psychiatric clinic. Jumping over obstacles with the dogs, hiding the toys or sitting on the ground and petting the dog. It’s just always touching how the children get involved with the dogs, each in their own way.

At the end, there was a wolf picture as a power card and an ABRI bear from HP Switzerland GmbH for each child. Thank you for this bear-strong donation. We are looking forward to visiting you again next time.

Monika, her team and the associated dogs have responded extremely sensitively to the needs of children and adolescents. Within a very short time, all children and adolescents, even the anxious, were interactive and joyful with a dog. Heartfelt thanks from the Centre for Child Psychiatry Brüschhalde”

Dr. med. univ. Veronika Milanese Zelger, Senior Physician

Dog Visit Holiday Week Kifa Foundation

«Thank you very much for your visit.It was once again very impressive how severely impaired children, who find it very difficult to show emotions in everyday life, were “like being changed” within 5 to 10 minutes and beamed with joy.”

Renate Romeo, Head of Care and Project Management Holiday Week, Kifa Foundation Switzerland

“The visit of the therapy dogs from the ABRI association was a highlight of the holiday week 2022. Thanks to the empathy of the dogs and their owners, the children opened up within a short time and enjoyed the petting and cuddling with the fur balls very much.”

Anita Rigoni & Meike van Beem, Co-Holiday Camp Managers, Holiday Week, Kifa Switzerland Foundation

Dog visit Children's Home Regensberg

When two- and four-legged friends are out and about in the forest, there is a lot to experience.
Sniff a forest trail, work together, enjoy, a crispy snake bread over the fire…
and as always, it touches the whole team.
We say THANK YOU for the beautiful afternoon with you!

Visiting the Regensberg Children's Home

Thank you very much for inviting us to visit you again. Eda, the youngest member of the team, also did a great job.

Dog visit to the children's and youth home Oberi

Dear children, dear Oberi-Team,

It was nice again with you!

The four- and two-legged friends of the association ABRI say THANK YOU that we were invited to visit you.

Dog visit Kifa in Walchwil

Dear children, dear Kifa Foundation, the four- and two-legged friends of the association ABRI and of the Hundetherapie und -schule Bodmer say THANK YOU for the touching afternoon!

Dog visit in the children’s and youth home Obri

After the dog show we went for a walk together.
It was mega, we say thank you….

Dog visit in the Dialogue Trail

«Just be» with Jayden, Minnie and our Labi offspring Avani. 😊
Thank you, it was a pleasure for us!

Feedback from both girls:
“It was a great day and it was a lot of fun to train and play with the dogs. We can only recommend this experience!”»

Insights into our training

Have fun “Eda”