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Monika Rutschmann-Bodmer

Founder & Owner

Certified animal keeper, certified Kyno pedagogue, recognized trainer for the official dog training required by the Canton of Zurich, certified psychological counselor, biosodynamic respiratory and body therapist, spiritual healing
Mother of two children
Trainer of family, sports and therapy dog handlers
Owner and Managing Director of Praxis Tangata, dipl. psychological counseling, biosomodynamic respiratory and body therapy, spiritual healing
President dog sports club ABRI
Founder and President of the ABRI Association

Miriam Hönig

Lawyer, Seminar Leader

Law studies at the University of St. Gallen, lawyer
Owner Max & Hönig Legal advice GmbH, Animal keeper FBA and currently in training as a farmer with eidg. Professional certificate BP
Sports Dog Handler
(currently training with young Malinois IGP and IGBH)
Family Dog Handler
Therapy Dog Handler
Passed exams with Max

Extended Team

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Lukas Lichtmanegger

our “Schutzdiensthelfer”

Study of business administration, training assistant of the TKGS
Father of a daughter & son, sports dog handler
Experience as a dog handler:
Several dogs taken away in the IPO / IGP 3, including championships
Experiences as a helper:
Several appearances at Swiss Championships
Breeders of Rottweiler:
«vom Tyroler Adler»

“Thank you to all co-trainers, therapy dog ​​handlers and helpers for the support.”
I can and may learn from everyone.

“A big thank you to my daughters who inspire and encourage me to continue on this path.”

Do not hesitate,

start – do!